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How LinkedIn automation works with Linkedojet?

Automate LinkedIn drip campaigns on cloud

  • Connects you automatically with Target audience.
  • Sends follow-up messages to connected leads after gap of set days.
  • Can even setup just messaging campaigns to 1st degree connections.

Easy to schedule LinkedIn Messaging campaigns

  • You can setup your campaigns for the entire month.
  • Campaigns run on cloud machines so no operational hassles.
  • Saves 20 man-hours on avge. compared to managing manually.

Scalable and Easy to use for Digital agencies

  • With your dashboard you can manage multiple LinkedIn Accounts
  • The performance of all different campaigns can be managed easily.
  • Complete chat history with leads can be viewed in the dashboard.
  • White labeling option is also available for Digital agencies.


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LinkedIn Automation Features

Sends LinkedIn Connect Invites to Target Leads

Send connection request on LinkedIn from Sales Navigator, Business Plus profile or Upload your list of LinkedIn URLs of targeted leads. System auto withdraws pending requests which are older than 3 week(s) or so. Can run along with Free Inmail campaigns.

Send LinkedIn Drip campaigns to 1st degree

Our software can find newly added first degree leads and send them a custom welcome message. Then send follow-up messages in series System stops messages after a lead replies. All the replies can be viewed on dashboard. Can run multiple drip campaigns.

Analyse Performance of LinkedIn Campaigns

All the Campaign related results can be viewed on Dashboard. Dashboard gives a top-level and detailed view on connection requests sent, first degree messages and replies received from leads across all the LinkedIn Accounts. Downloads data into spreadsheets.

Reach out to LinkedIn Group Members

Send message requests to members of your LinkedIn Groups. Its a good alternative to overcome the LinkedIn connect Invite limits. Our software can easily filter out the relevant Group members to message. You can send Upto 30 messages a day.

Send Free Inmails to Open Profiles

There are people on LinkedIn who are open to receive message even without connecting. These are known as Open profiles. Linkedojet automatically filters out Leads which have open profile and sends them a Free Inmail with a subject line and message.

Target Decision Makers in relevant companies

Lots of businesses target specific companies. Linkedojet allows you to reach out to decision makers of Targeted LinkedIn companies. Upload list of targeted companies and our LinkedIn automation will reach out to decision makers and send them a drip campaign.

Linkedojet Dashboard

Setup Account

You don’t need any help for setting up and registering multiple accounts, You can self-register and set up as many accounts as you want just by following 3 steps.

Add campaign

You can add drip campaigns within minutes for sending messages to your target audience or leads by providing a LinkedIn search URL or a CSV file. You can set up as many follow-up messages as you want and also set up a time gap between every message to be sent.

Data analysis of Campaigns

Dashboard allows you to analyse your performance and shows you the demographic details of the leads that replied, it will help you to easily set up your target audience for your campaign and also shows you the number of connection requests sent and accepted.

Add list to existing campaigns

Linkedojet allows you to provide details of the target audience by uploading a list of your leads in a CSV file or adding a LinkedIn search URL to an active campaign. You don’t need to pause campaigns if you wish to make some changes to the list.

View replies from leads

You don’t have to go to your LinkedIn account for tracking conversations or replies from your leads. Linkedojet has made it easier. You can view the inboxes of your different LinkedIn accounts in one place, It also shows you the details of your leads like LinkedIn URL, designation, and much more.

Reply your LinkedIn leads from the dashboard

You don’t need to go to your LinkedIn account to reply. You can view and reply to all the conversations in any of your LinkedIn accounts from the Linkedojet dashboard. Makes it easier to manage replying to leads from multiple LinkedIn accounts.

Apply Tags to LinkedIn Leads that Reply

Keep a track of actions to be taken on leads that reply on LinkedIn. With Linkedojet Dashboard you can easily create and apply tags on your business leads to categorize them or mark their current status of the sales cycle.

Filter out your leads

You can easily search leads that responded by their name, read/unread status, campaign name, and tags with-in the dashboard. It saves your time and makes searching and tracking leads easier.

Account Renewal

You can easily see which account you wish to renew, put on hold, or close at any time.

Download Data

You can select a date range for which you wish to download the data. Your downloaded data excel sheet has all the information about your leads. It helps in keeping a record of your target leads.

Data Enrichment & CRM tools Integration

Linkedojet is integrated with numerous API based Data Enrichment and CRM tools. Just enter your API key and you can easily integrate your CRM tool with our Dashboard. With Linkedojet you can also enrich your leads by integrating with various 3rd party Enrichment APIs like Lusha , Clearbit , etc .

We can integrate other 3rd party APIs for you with Linkedojet

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Automate Linkedin - How to Get Started?

Get hot business leads generated on daily basis.

Create an account with us

Open your account within minutes with us, to start automating your LinkedIn outreach and generate sales leads and opportunities.

Add details of LinkedIn Accounts

Enter details of LinkedIn accounts. Get LinkedIn accounts verified on our virtual Desktops and your LinkedIn accounts are ready.

Setup your target audience

Provide details of your target audience by submitting the Search URL of Filtered Audience on LinkedIn. These can be Sales Navigator or Business Plus Accounts.

Setup the campaign steps

Setup connection message content for series messages to be sent. Days of week and time when campaign should run. Every account runs on its own dedicated desktops.

LinkedIn Automation Success Stories

Linkedojet Pricing

$84 /Month

Monthly Plan

  • Find your audience  
  • Send connection requests  
  • Send messages  
  • View all your leads  
  • Withdraw pending requests  
  • 24/7 Support System  

$210 /Quarter

Quarterly Plan

  • Find your audience  
  • Send connection requests  
  • Send messages  
  • View all your leads  
  • Withdraw pending requests  
  • 24/7 Support System  

$800 /Year

Yearly Plan

  • Find your audience  
  • Send connection requests  
  • Send messages  
  • View all your leads  
  • Withdraw pending requests  
  • 24/7 Support System  

We Accept

Free Sign-up with Us

Free Sign-up with us and get hot business leads generated on daily basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • LinkedIn is one of the most reliable and accurate sources of Information about corporate individuals. Whether its about targeting people in certain geography or even a limited area like (With-in 15 kms) it can be easily done on LinkedIn. LinkedIn gives us vital information that helps us narrow down to decision makers with-in companies. With LinkedIn you can handpick companies you wish to target or segregate them by their employee strength.
    With Linkedojet campaigns the cost of lead acquisition varies from USD 3 to USD 8 per lead depending on the product you are selling and targeted audience. With accuracy of data and low cost of acquisition using LinkedIn definitely should be part of your marketing strategy.

  • Yes, free accounts are limited in there searches therefore you need either a Business Plus account or a Sales Navigator account. Sales Navigator has more filters and better suited for targeting decision makers with-in companies.

  • The Dashboard allows you to easily Setup a LinkedIn account, Create and Update your existing campaigns and provide details of your target audience. It gives you all the data related to your campaigns like performance, details of Leads and all their Replies in one place.

  • No. Clients are best suited at handling responses. No one knows a product or service better than the company selling it!

  • Details of your target audience can be submitted in the form a unique search URL which is generated after your enter details in filter on LinkedIn like Geography, Industry, Title etc. This software can also work with a specific list which can be uploaded from a csv or excel file.

  • Yes, you can use your dashboard to get your LinkedIn account verified, setup campaigns and target audience for your accounts and they will generate leads simultaneously for you.

  • This tool is better suited for managing multiple LinkedIn accounts to allow them to run simultaneously. Other tools (mostly chrome based extensions) can run one account on 1 machine and take a lot of time of yours and require your presence to run. This software runs on cloud and keeps working even when you are away from your system. Its far more cost effective since it also saves the operational cost and cost of using different desktops.

  • No, you are not abide by any contract and you can stop using services at the end of your subscription period.

  • Yes, our team is always willing to help customers to get more out of LinkedIn by tailoring our product as per there requirements. Our business and technical team will call to understand your requirements and give you a time and cost estimate.

  • Yes white labeling is possible. Just provide us details of your company like name , logo and domain on which you wish to publish white label dashboard and we wil set it up for you. Your end customers can easily register themselves , auto-verify linkedin accounts , setup their campaigns, view replies and monitor performance using dashboard.White label platform also comes with an admin panel where you can manage all your end-customers from one place.
    To setup White label you need to pay a small one time fee to cover the cost of Setup.